and Attention, Aesthetic, Application, Ability, Awareness and Acceptance. Today is the 30th September and the anniversary of Rumi’s birth. I made this connection as I sat with ‘Mi Camino a travé del Arte’ in its current soulful space at the Old Dance Hall, Mullan Village, Monaghan. I mention this not to compare myself to the great mystic but rather to point out that whenever I start to doubt, or question my purpose – I ask for a sign that I am on the right path. This morning I picked up Rumi randomly opened a page and there was my reassurance. Not in one of his writings but, in the introduction, Rumi used storytelling, music, visuals or any creative means in order to make individuals more aware and raise the Collective consciousness. So today, as I sat with my Art in Mullan, I loved it even more. In particular, my Attention to the Aesthetic, and the way I have Applied my Ability, in order that I might too raise Awareness and then, with total Acceptance, I let go of the outcome. True to form, todays visitors were truly special just like they have been everyday, and I am blessed. Thats an A for Art!

“Mi Camino a Travé del Arte’ at Mullan Village runs until October 7 2018 from Thurs to Sun 11 to 4pm.

Happy birthday Rumi!

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