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This month, I took up the #aprilforartists challenge and posted a new image everyday on my instagram page @theemotionalartist under the various hashtags suggested. Now I’m not normally one for following a prescribed order but decided to go along with it just to see its effect on me and follower numbers. I carried it out wholeheartedly, posted everyday without fail. The positive thing for me is that it did get me to look through my photos and gather them in to one place. Some of the questions were thought provoking which is a good thing. The overall effect on me is – I’m totally bored and would not wish to continue any longer than the month. Total number of followers increased by 3 – I actually lost 9 and gained 12. So no big return there. I understand there is a method to hashtaging but honestly I am not that interested in gaining followers – much more interested in engaging with stimulating like minded people. I don’t sell my art like a commodity which Im sure if you do it must be good for making connections. So for me after all the years I’m still not convinced of the merits of social media unless of course that is your business! #oldfashionednetworkingisbest

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