At one with nature
Artist Picking Rushes

Earth and Heart Art for Art sake!

I make Earth and Heart Art, it is the language of the overlooked. I discovered that using art as a language allows me to express what words could not. Therefore, it may seem that my art is all about Me when in fact, it is actually all about Us (the artist and the viewer).

My work is influenced by my background in communication and personal development. My wish is that through my art, which is born out of a deeper conversation within me, might open up within the viewer an awareness of the conversation within themselves.

Concerns for the environment, worryingly fast pace of consumption and subsequent waste means my studio practice is all about sustainability. Using mainly Natural materials and repurposed textiles for their rich narrative, my 3D pieces are quirky, instantly recognisable but always thought provoking. Through labour-intensive practices, I question the ‘Maker/Money’ tension within and the emotional relationship with Time, Materials and Self. I like to create an art experience so process, presence and participation are usually aspects of my exhibitions. As well as installations, I use print, photography, videos and site specific (usually being constructed for the duration of the exhibition) but also site specific work installed prior to opening.