I have always had the theory that, in Ireland, we should just down tools and get out and enjoy the sun while we have it. Well this year I did just that, left the housework, dined alfresco, had real conversations, kept technology to a bare minimum and hence, no blog for June! Now that does not mean I did nothing productive – it just meant I did things at my own pace as it felt right and I wanted to do them. I was happier, in my own zone, I ate and drank what I liked and didn’t put on weight. Surprisingly, things got done – they happened effortlessly, with ease and no-one was injured in the making of a lazy summer!

Most of my work, made under the ‘Rush Not’ label, is labour intensive, uses sustainable materials and as the name suggests is about time – our relationship to time, saving time, spending time, value of time, giving time and charging for time. This year my piece for the Sculpture in Context (Sow ’n’ Sew) at the National Botanic Gardens is about just that. I am making a spool (150 yards) of hand plied rush yarn, to draw attention to the fact that we have become so detached from the source of our materials and the value of the handmade.

It has been such a busy year and in June I was asked to give a radio interview about my work on Dundalk FM in conjunction with the very successful Art as Exchange exhibition in the Long Walk. You can listen to the interview here

I am delighted to be associated with the inaugural Linen Biennale NI and equally delighted to be putting on my exhibition ‘Mi Camino a travé del Arte’ in the Old Dance Hall Mullan Village as part of the programme from 10 Sept to 10 Oct 2018. This event is also supported by the European Year of Heritage and Culture and Monaghan Heritage Office.

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