You will see this word awareness popping up again and again in my blogs. I had a tendancy to rant on about the state of the universe and I found myself being dragged down and feeling hopeless in the scale of things. Now I am aware of it, I can still feel down but I can switch my thinking to ‘making a change’ and I don’t feel so hopeless. I was at a beach last week and there was a bus load of teenagers arrived with their teachers. As they left the beach to go back on the bus half of the teenagers left their plastic bottles behind. The teachers did pick them up but it did strike me as very odd that (a) they didn’t make the culprits go back and pick them up themselves and (b) that they would want to spoil what has to be one of the most beautiful well kept beaches in Ireland. Where is their awareness of the consequences of their actions.

4 Thoughts to “Be aware be very aware!”

  1. Teachers were not teaching only handicapping their students by doing it for them. A few kind an direct words to bring awareness to their need to remove their used bottles would have taught them well.

    1. you are right Dee – we would have got a clip on the ear!But then again we didn’t have plastic bottles only water fountains!

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