This sentence kept repeating in my head this morning during my meditation. It is not the first time it has come into my consciousness and I  have started to notice a pattern. It seems to be whenever I am going through a period of worry about financial security or having doubts about the focus of my art practice and my ability to make it work. (My eleventh hour doubts). I take this statement, however, as the reassurance that I am on the right path of making slow art and awareness raising. My studio philosophies of sustainability and slow process may not appear to make any economic sense but to me they are necessary and uppermost in my practice to raise awareness of the environmental impact of mass production in a very frustratingly disposable society.

‘What value the makers hand – Carrickmacross Laces’! 57ft long hand woven laces part of  ‘Mi Camino a través del Arte @ AnTáin 2016  Selected for RDS Student art awards @RDS 2015.

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