Artist Reflection bringing Inside Outside

I call it my ‘eleventh hour’ – that darkness that comes just before the light. The whispering voice that becomes a shout of hopelessness, wasted time, all in vain, it’ll never work, I’m not good enough etc. The self-saboteur meets the fear of failure. I have learned to embrace it and can even joke about it but strangely I can never stop it from rearing its head. Sometimes I am only aware of it with the benefit of hindsight. In that moment when it seems nothing is right – then nothing is right! There are 3 simple things I now do when I become aware of the anxiety or if I’m feeling stuck;
I take a deep breath – this is when I discover I haven’t been breathing fully.
I physically walk away from the situation – this space allows for a valued judgement whether I’m on the right track or not. Giving myself permission to walk away will identify a passion to return if it is right for me or give it up if it is not.
I nourish myself – usually I haven’t been drinking water, eaten or had loo break! Fresh air is my saviour.

Giving up is not failure. You will never give up anything you are passionate about, you may learn a new way of going about it.

Happy Mothers Day

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