I just love May! Being my birthday month and the start of summer, my poor heart skips a beat with excitement with the early dawn chorus, the sun dancers and sudden explosion of life from the deadness of winter. This life and energy, (which we would all hope happened sooner), is there all the time, we just couldn’t see it. This year, our women, daughters, mothers and sisters have been given a voice that for too long has been suppressed in a stony cold silence. In solidarity, our strong gentle men have stood beside us and helped raise our voices in the #metoo #cervicalsmear #repeal #banthemesh campaigns. It is a time of great hope and strength and the summer of our existence! I hope to see this positive momentum continue in mutual respect and compassion. As ‘The Emotional Artist’ I get the sense that my purpose is to give a voice to the overlooked or discarded, whether that be in the context, concept or the materials I use. From the stillness which forms and informs my practice, comes the focus of my work. For the month that’s in it and the joy that I feel, I will share a photo of a piece I made in the merry month of May and the wee words that came into my head as I made it:

May you dance with the rising sun,

and laugh and sing to the tune

May your soul be light

and find rhythm in life

May you sleep soundly

by the light of the moon!


Ladies who Dance!


May 2010 Copper foiled glass

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