I had been contemplating (because thats what I do – a lot!), about labels. How labels are used throughout our lives to describe ourselves, our relationships, what we do and how we feel. Others also use labels for us, or put labels on us and sometimes they are the exact opposite to the one we would have used. Some labels are light and transient while others can carry a tremendous weight and remain with us. Anyway in 2016, as part of my development process for a new workshop, I was curious about my own labels and how I was affected by them. So for the 29 days of February I decided I would become very aware of the labels as they arose in my life and take note of them per day. The above image is taken during my An Táin residency when I was working on how to visually represent this process. This exploration lead me to the association of labels with old baggage, so I decided to use baggage labels and stamp each one with my personal label. I love how the lights cast the shadows which for me represents how our labels can effect us well beyond the label. This process was very cathartic and it raised many questions which of course will be explored further. This is why I love process art.


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