Anyone who knows me knows that I hate mindless shopping and subsequent waste – and in my mind there is no finer example than the ‘Christmas jumper’ phenomenon. I hate it even more than ‘the 12 pubs of Christmas’ if thats possible. Taking a jumper and pimping it temporarily for Christmas I might understand but seeing racks and racks of cheap tacky acrylic jumpers in the shops is more than any Friend of the Earth can handle. So this year, when my own daughter was having an anxiety attack because she didn’t have a ‘Christmas jumper‘ to wear for the ‘The 12 pubs of Christmas’ you can imagine this poor mothers heart almost stopped. I mean, its not like she hasn’t heard the rant. I mean “Seriously! Your poor liver!  Are you really going to wreck it in a “Christmas Jumper“ I know all she heard was Blah! Blah! Blah! And I think I faintly heard her mumble “Get over yourself..everyone is wearing them…”

Now where do I go with that? If I made her wear a tacky jumper a few years ago she would have blamed me for ruining her life! Now that EVERYONE is doing it – its cool, a bonding, a ritualistic sense of belonging. Well let me tell you, everyone with a life and more than one brain cell will not be so easily manipulated into purchasing a cheap and tacky jumper for single use. Please, please don’t join the mindless frenzy, wake up before it is too late. A jumper is NOT just for Christmas.


Have a Happy Environmentally Aware New Year

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