February always catches me out when it ends so abruptly. Already the 28th and today with mixed emotions I give up my very special Alpha Romeo GT after 10 years, in favour of a low cc car so that my son can begin his driving experience. I never thought I could have such an emotional attachment to a material thing but I am really sad tonight. A car is a very personal thing, and particularly when you have had ten years lucky driving, then there is an attachment. Of course, the emotional attachment is not with the car itself, although I have not felt like this with any other car, the sadness may be more to do with the life events and the memories. The passage of time packaged somehow between boot and bonnet. The fights for the front seat, the muddy rugby boots on the cream leather, hospital visits, school runs, endless packing unpacking – yesterday and a lifetime all jumbled up. Now looking in the driver door for the last time I thank the car for its happy miles and sense the mixed emotions of fear and faith. Fear that the next car will be as safe and faith that everything is working out according to the divine plan. The Alpha and the Omega.

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